Georgia is one of the world's most beautiful countries, as many travelers are discovering. From the mountains in the north to its many miles of Black Sea shoreline, Georgia is filled with spectacular sights and fascinating destinations.

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Making the Most of Time Spent in Georgia

Georgia sits astride the border between the continents of Europe and Asia, and its geographical and cultural diversity makes this quite plain. vacation spots near georgia find that there are more things to do and see in Georgia than they have time to accommodate, so planning ahead will always be helpful.

Among the country's many attractions are plenty that are essentially unique to it, with no close analogs to be found anywhere else. Some of those that most often pique the interest of visitors include:

Svaneti. The Caucasus Mountains are especially rugged and dramatic, and Georgia's remote province of Svaneti puts them on spectacular display. The Svan people of the region are known widely for their hospitality and eagerness to help others experience the many delights of their homeland. While Svaneti is one of Georgia's least developed provinces, it has become more accessible to travelers in recent years. Although a bit of adjustment is to be expected, most find a visit to Svaneti to be especially intriguing and memorable.

Udabno. The Svans of northern Georgia long ago established an outpost far to the east that has become a persistent draw for travelers, as well. Although located in a fairly harsh expanse of desert, the village of Udabno is seen by many as a truly welcoming place to visit. Charming and humble, Udabno nonetheless boasts a level of vitality that makes it hard to resist.

georgia points of interest . Spending time in Georgia does not need to mean doing without the comforts and amenities that city dwellers are so used to. The country's capital of Tbilisi is a modern, highly developed metropolis that can easily consume an entire vacation on its own.

Many More Sights to See and Destinations to Explore

Destinations like these top the lists of many travelers who have spent significant time in Georgia. In fact, though, there are dozens of other places that are every bit as much worth visiting. what to do in atlanta has helped make Georgia a top choice for more and more travelers in recent years.